All of the "caselli"branded products are listed in this page.
  Produced in Spain, this brand includes a wide variety of Cleaning Products.
  Manufactured with high standard quality demands suitable for professional use, and with a great quality-price relation.
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  Category List
  Products especially conceived and made to prepare the floor, before its treatment.
  It removes cement remains, limescale wastes. oxide stains, mineral salts, waxes and resins.
  It may be used either pure or in a water solution, depending on the dirt you want to scoure. Aplly manually or using a rotative machine with a brown or black disc.


  Products especially conceived to crystallize marble or terrazo floors.
  There are several crystallizers references according to your needs - to prepare the crystalling, to finish the work, to comercial areas and to special works. You will find crystallizers WITHOUT MAGNESIUM FLUOROSILICATO.
  Use pure, pulverizing the floor with the product, in small areas of, aproximately, 2 m2 using a rotative machine (low or medium rotation) with a steel wool disc.
  Products especially conceived and made from wax and resins, self-brilliant, to protect any sort of floor. Use either manually or with a machine.
  Products especially conceived to clean and keep any sort of floor - carpets, sofas, rugs, crystallized floors, brightened and non-brightened floors, bathrooms, etc.
  Products especially conceived to obtain a deep cleaning of all sorts of grease (mineral, textile and vegetal), as well as organic crusts in industrial floors and surfaces.
  Liquid soap and gel products, especially conceived to remove grease and to disinfect and clean your hands, living them protected and perfumed.
  Liquid cleaners and brighteners, especially conceived to hand dish washing and machine dish washing; and acid deep cleaners, that clean and keep dish wahsing machines in perfect working conditions.
  Concentrate products, conceived to eliminate offensive smells, and to leaving pleasant fragrances.
  Four different fragrances: P.R. (Paco Rabane), Marine, Apple and Floral.
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