Some impotant information about
Cafeli, a wide growing on company that deals with a great variety of products and services. All the essencial information that you need to see that in using our help you will be increasing your business.

  The most important web changes recently performed were the new layout of the entire site.
  More attractive and more usefull, it will easily and successfully let you in the issues that you have been looking for.

  By started dealing with some new products, we are now able to cover a wide variety of products.
Cafeli - ascom - Telecommunication Products
Caselli - Cleaning Products
Master - Paper Products

  We started a new partnership cooperation with
Caselli, s.l. in the business of cleaning products.
  We have the exclusive distribution to Portugal of this spanish company that produces chemical products for cleaning purposes.
  We also started cooperating with
ascom - the international telecommunication company relied on us to distribute the "state of the art" in telecommunications today.
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