These are some of the questions frequently made by our visitors.

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  Why do I need to deal with a Trading company?
   In fact you don't need to deal with a Trading company.
   With the global market all the information you need is at the range of your hand. But when it comes to decide which way to go, it's not so simple.
   Globalization also increased the risk to deal with less prepared companies. That's why you can get advantage by dealing with a Trading company. They know the market because it's their work.
  Also you can deal with one company for several products instead of having multiple relationships, with multiple expenses and multiple possible errors. Establishing a partnership with a Trading company it's like selling the risk for import-export activity to other one, keeping your mind in your main business.
  I own a small company.
   Can I deal with a Trading company?
  Of course !
   Big companies have their own very expensive import-export departments. Eventhough, sometimes they come to us because of specific needs; most of the times they have the power to do all by themselves.
  Small-medium companies don't have specific departments to import-export matters, they need to focus in their activity to survive and grow.
  By offering them personalized, custom-made import-export services, the Trading company acts as one of their departments.
  How can CAFELI offer competitive prices if, in fact, it is one agent more between me and the manufacturer?
  Because of three main reasons :
     1-We buy products from the manufactures not only for your company but for several companies, with the same needs. The prices decrease because the quantity increases.
     2-We have very low operation costs compared to regular commercial companies, so we are able to work with low profit margins.
     3-Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our customers. We keep our prices as lower as possible to make them competitive in their markets.
   This way they continue growing and we continue selling them.

  What about quality assurance?

  It is duplicated.
  You got the standard manufacturer warranty plus our warranty that all the goods we sell are in excellent conditions and in the accordance with the terms of the contract.
  You can get a third warranty contracting a third-party company to inspect goods before shipping, like SGS (Société Générale de Surveillence).

  I need to export my products. How can CAFELI help?
You first need to submit them to our appreciation.
  If we think your products have interest to us and to our customers, we can establish an agreement with your company.
  Each agreement is negotiated in the best interest of both companies.
  Does CAFELI work only on an exclusive basis?
  Although the terms of the relationship are different.
   Does CAFELI operate with its own stock or just acts as an agent?
We operate on three distinct ways:
1-We have our own stock, in our warehouse, of some products which we can supply immediately.
2-We have agreements with some manufacturers to ship immediately from their own stock.
     3-We buy from manufactures to ship to our customers on their demand.
  Which are CAFELI target markets?
África Central, South America and East Europe are our target markets.
   I have my own Web Site! Can this collide with a partnership with CAFELI?
On the contrary! If we can arrange a cooperation agreement, your Internet presence will be upgraded with this feature.
  Is CAFELI an Internet based company?
  CAFELI was founded in 1984, and as an Internet presence since 1999.
  As you can see in our
Web Site, we have physical facilities to support our activities. This Site is only a way to communicate better with existing and potential customers.
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